Time Attendance

Why install ?

It is essential for any business ensure that people entering their property have the correct authorization to do so. Even when staff or visitors are on the premises, you may have restricted areas which need to be secure. Using our solutions enables you to control who has access to each designated area within your property and allows you to monitor human activity.
Investing in the right technology is central to the protection of your employees, site visitors and ultimately the success of your company. While you naturally want your business premises to be as open and welcoming as possible – as well as making it easy for staff and visitors to move around the building – you need to ensure maximum protection against unauthorized intruders.
In the event of an emergency, not only the future of your business but people’s lives hang on the reliable functioning of access control systems. This combination of cutting-edge technology, open access and strict security is precisely what Access Control solutions offer you.

We Offer

FingerTec produces sophisticated Biometric products that are affordable and practical for the Workforce Management and Security industry. Manage Time & Attendance accurately and secure your premises with fingerprint and facial recognition technology; combined with a variety of card solutions. You can start detecting true identities in a split second. FingerTec is a one-stop center for your operational needs.